New! ZYLtech Gear V3 Large Volume 3D Printer

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The new Gear V3 is here!  

The new version has retained the great features of the V2 while making improvements that add quality to your prints. 

New Improvements:

  • New printer body now houses Z motors and adds structural rigidity and stability to the Z gantry
  • Parts cooling fans now include fan ducts to direct air to where it is needed most
  • Included silicone sock for the heat block for more stable temps
  • Our heated bed is now insulated for more consistent temps 
  • Improved spool holder for smoother spool rotation
  • Improved cable management internally and improved overall QC 

gear3underbedsdslot.png                           gear3hotendassembly.png                           gear3spoolholder.png


Same Great Features:

  • Same large 300x300x400 build volume
  • Full metal construction with no printed parts
  • Easy to install X and Z end stop assembly
  • Volcano style hotend with oversized heat sink and dual parts fans
  • Same whisper quiet TMC2208 drivers on X and Y
  • 32 bit controller with 3.5" color touch display Marlin 2.0 compatible
  • Built in belt tension adjustment and dual Z motor synchronizing belt
  • Smooth and precise .9 step angle stepper motors on X and Y

 gear3extruder2.png                  xandzendstop.jpg                  gear3lcd.png


Assembly Instructions

Firmware and firmware update instruction

Slicer factory file FFF (This format works with a variety of slicer programs)



Q.  What are the carriages made of on the ZYLtech Gear V3?

A.  The carriages are made of laser cut anodized aluminum plates, high strength/bolts and durable nylon wheels.

Q.  What type of Control Board is included?

A.  A MKS Robin Nano V1.2 with firmware installed. (Marlin 2.0 compatible)

Q.  Can you print with a SD card?

A.  Yes, a 4 GB Micro SD and USB adapter are included.

Q.  Are the heated elements 12V or 24V?

A.  Both the heated bed and hot end are 24V.  All fans are 24V as well.

Q.  What hot end does the ZYLtech Gear V3 use?

A.  The ZYLtech Gear V3 uses a Bowden drive Extruder with a volcano style hotend.  It is compatible with volcano style nozzles up to 1.2mm in diameter.  The hotend has a 4mm bore allowing the PTFE to be fed directly to the brass nozzle.  The high flow rate hotend is essential for large prints up to 300x300x400mm.

Q.  What is the print bed made of?

A.  The bed is made of 3mm aluminum with a plastic build surface similar to Buildtek.  Glass bed upgrades are available.  The maximum heating output is 240w.  It only takes a few minutes to heat to 60C.  We recommend printing at approximately 45C for PLA and 55C for PETG if using our blue PEI build surface.

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  • 5
    Worth Every Penny

    Posted by Seth Howe on Nov 12th 2021

    This printer is worth every penny that you pay for. I've run hundreds of hours on this printer so far and the volcano hotend has proven to be reliable and has yet to clog. Definitely run with a glass bed.

  • 4

    Posted by Nickels Novelties on Feb 19th 2021

    Set up was pretty straight forward and easy to follow if you use the files from the flash drive. The build plate cover is very tacky but it is easily removable to ensure proper placement. the V3 has a good size for a variety of builds. I was under the impression all printers come with a slicer program so I did not inquire about it before purchase so I am using a program from my first 3D printer. over all It is a good printer.

  • 5

    Posted by Ryder Lemos on Jan 27th 2021

    Things super quiet!

  • 5
    Gear 3 WOW!

    Posted by Chris Russell on Dec 14th 2020

    I LOVE the gear 3 machine! I thave been 3D printing for about 5 years now and owned multiple other brands of machines that just can’t touch this one. I threw the cr-10 in the trash so it could live in the landfill ! The gear 3 is super fast getting prints done faster than any machine I’ve owned, and silent and simply prints great detail. It’s extremely easy to use and tune/ set up the way I wanted it. I could not be happier with Zytech products and their customer service and support is the absolute best. If you want a machine you can trust you can’t go wrong with a gear 3!

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