About Us

ZYLtech Engineering

ZYLtech Engineering is a Houston, Texas based business focused on meeting the needs of the maker and tinkerer communities, particularly in 3D printing and CNC. Our products meet high standards because we were end-users before we were manufacturers.

Established in 2015

We started as a home-based business selling high-quality, low cost 3D printer parts on eBay and grew to a multi-building industrial site within a year. ZYLtech's product line expanded rapidly to include CNC parts and a comprehensive suite of 3D printer parts and consumables. In 2017 we more than tripled the size of our staff and added a second warehouse/office site in North Houston. ZYLtech's founder and owner has an engineering PhD and his leadership, experience, international connections, and background have helped make ZYLtech a leader in the 3DP, CNC, and maker communities.

Our Goals

We are not done expanding our product lines to help meet the needs of the maker communities we serve! We added some key staff members in 2017 and two of ZYLtech's most exciting initiatives are the upcoming introduction of a full ZYLtech-branded 3D Printer kit and mass-scale locally manufactured exotic 3DP filaments. In 2018 we hope to expand into new selling channels to make ZYLtech products available to more of the makers who are moving this young industry forward. We also hope to consolidate our two North Houston locations in to a single larger, custom-built site that will allow us to continue to expand. As this exciting young industry grows, you can trust ZYLtech to be on the leading edge providing the products and services you need.

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