DUET 2 32bit Printer Controller Board w/7" Touch Screen

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 The 7" Touch Screen (PanelDue) is a color touch screen controller for the Duet and other 3D printing electronics that support it.
- Resolutions: 800×480 pixels. 

Main Features:
1.Super quiet TMC2660 stepper drivers, up to 256 microstepping.
2. High speed SD card and support for a second SD external card if required.  Comes with 128MB card.
3. Dual extruders on the main board, up to 5 more extruders on the expansion board.
4. High Power rating: Each stepper driver is capable of 2.8A motor current, currently limited in software to 2.4A. The bed heater channel is specifically designed for high current (18A).
5. Setup your printer and update the firmware through the web interface.
6. All common 3D printer geometries are supported;
7. Expandable up to 7 extruders with Firmware support for mixing nozzles and remapping axes to use high power external drivers;
8. Support for the PanelDue: a full colour graphic touch screen;
9. Provided with Molex compatible plugs and crimps as well as ferrules for power and heater terminals.

Package includes:
1 x Duet 2 WiFi V1.04 (This is a clone, not the original, includes 7" LCD)

1 x USB Cable
10 x jumper
1 x 4pin plugs
1 x 3pin plugs
1 x 2pin plugs
5 x heatsinks

1 Piece PanelDue Screen
1 Piece Connected Cable

1 PanelDue Control Board

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  • 4
    Felt kind of bad buying a knockoff

    Posted by Clinton Thomas on Dec 17th 2020

    I own two of these clones and eight genuine Duet2 Wifi controllers. All controlling printers that run almost 24/7. I did have an issue with a melted VIN connector on one of the clones but I might have been a little heavy-handed tightening the screw terminal (I'm an industrial mechanic) so I won't count that against it. It was easy enough to repair, anyway.

    I stand behind my original review, though. Copying someone's product then relying on THEIR documentation/support is pretty shitty. So still knocking off one star.

  • 5
    Good Quality - No issues

    Posted by Will on Nov 4th 2019

    I also believe that the review by Clinton is quite unfair. As with anything in the 3d printing world, you should be doing some research before pulling the trigger. If you did enough resource to find a Duet 2 Wifi that is not sold by duet you should at least have the knowledge on where to look when setting it up...

    That being said, I've bought two of these from ZylTech and they are both good quality and came/work exactly as described. No complaints from me!

  • 5
    Re: No Documentation

    Posted by Art on Sep 21st 2019

    I think Clinton's review about documentation missing isn't fair. I own a genuine Duet and PanelDue and the genuine Duet does not come with documentation either. It just has a small card that says goto the Duet Wiki (duet3d.dozuki.com) for instructions. The genuine PanelDue doesn't come with any paper or card at all. I think the rating should be based on the quality or defects in the workmanship of the clone.

  • 3
    No documentation

    Posted by Clinton on Sep 17th 2019

    No documentation or instructions at all so if you haven't installed a duet board and panel due before, it's going to be really hard to figure out.

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