HyperCube Evolution Frame Kit 400x400x500

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* Does not come with 3D printed parts

HyperCube Evolution 400x400x500 Dual Z Frame Kit *           Click here to add Motors to your frame


Kit Includes:

3030 Extrusion

4x 520mm

6x 510mm

4x 740mm

2020 Extrusion

2x 515mm

2x 330mm

Smooth Rods and Lead Screws

2x 550mm 8mm smooth rods - Chrome Plated

2x 510mm 8mm smooth rods - Chrome Plated

4x 600mm - 12mm smooth rods - Chrome Plated

2x 570mm T8x8 lead screws w/ Anti-Backlash Nuts (small flange)

Bearings and Hardware

8x LM12UU

4x LM8UU


24x 3030 90 degree angle brackets 

8x 3030 T-slot inside brackets

4x 2020 L Plate Brackets

4x 2020 90 degree angle brackets 

25x M5x8 Screws

100x M5x10 Screws

25x 2020 Hammer Nuts

100x 3030 Hammer Nuts


Other items not included in the kit can be found here: 

 Brackets, screws and nuts 

24x3030 90 degree angle bracket

4x2020 - 90 degree angle bracket

4x2020 L - Type Bracket 

8x3030 Inner Bracket 

150xM5x10 Button Head – Black or Chrome

25xM5x8 Button Head – Black or Chrome

25xM5 Hammer Nut – 2020

150xM5 Hammer Nut – 3030

10xM6x10 Button Head - Chrome 


1x400x400 Heated Bed Kit 

1xSilicone Pad for Heated Bed – not sold separately, comes in 400mm heated bed kit.

1x400x400 Boro Glass - Comes with 400mm heated bed kit. 

6xM4 Bed Leveling Kit – not sold separately, comes in 400mm heated bed kit.

1xThermistor – attached to silicon heat pad for the 400mm heated bed.  

1x12V PSU w/ Cord

1xRamps 1.4 works with Mega2560 or the Panucatt Re-ARM


1xZyltech Mega 2560

2xOptical Endstop Switches

1xBrown USB Cable 

1x18mm Proximity Sensor

1xAC Rocker Switch 


1xExtruder Kit + Bowden Kit

5x4-Pin Euroblock Connector / Pair 

1x12V Radial Fan

1xLCD 12864

1xSolid State Relay 

Drive System Kit: 

2xT8x8 Lead Screw - 570MM

Other Lead Screws Available: ½-10 and Left Handed

2xT8x8 Small Flange AB Nut

2x5x8 Flex Couplers

5xNema 17 Stepper Motor 1.7 A, 0.59 Nm, 84 ozin

2x8mm Smooth Rod - 550mm

2x8mm Smooth Rod - 510mm

4x12mm Smooth Rod - 600mm

10mm Smooth Rods are also available.

4xLM8UU Bearing - Short

2xLM8LUU Bearing - Long

8xLM12UU Bearing

2x20T - 6x5 Pulley

2xSmooth 6x3 Idlers 

6x20T - 6x3 Idlers 

16ft.Fiber Glass Timing Belt

Steel Reinforced Belts are also available

25xM3 washer








25M3 Nut

25M3 Lock Nut

Or you can purchase the M3 assortment here: M3 Fastener Assortment 

Please note, the assortment will not include the M3x35

43mm Dowel Pins 

35M3 - 5x5 - Knurled Inserts (hallow) 




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