HyperCube Evolution Frame Kit 400x400x500

$349.95 - $379.95
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5-7 business days lead time.  

* Does not come with 3D printed parts

HyperCube Evolution 400x400x500 Dual Z Frame Kit *           Click here to add Motors to your frame


Kit Includes:

3030 Extrusion

4x 520mm

6x 510mm

4x 740mm

2020 Extrusion

2x 515mm

2x 330mm

Smooth Rods and Lead Screws

2x 550mm 8mm smooth rods - Chrome Plated

2x 510mm 8mm smooth rods - Chrome Plated

4x 600mm - 12mm smooth rods - Chrome Plated

2x 570mm T8x8 lead screws w/ Anti-Backlash Nuts (small flange)

Bearings and Hardware

8x LM12UU

4x LM8UU


24x 3030 90 degree angle brackets 

8x 3030 T-slot inside brackets

4x 2020 L Plate Brackets

4x 2020 90 degree angle brackets 

25x M5x8 Screws

100x M5x10 Screws

25x 2020 Hammer Nuts

100x 3030 Hammer Nuts


Other items can be found here: 

 Brackets, screws and nuts 

24x3030 90 degree angle bracket

4x2020 - 90 degree angle bracket

4x2020 L - Type Bracket 

8x3030 Inner Bracket 

150xM5x10 Button Head – Black or Chrome

25xM5x8 Button Head – Black or Chrome

25xM5 Hammer Nut – 2020

150xM5 Hammer Nut – 3030

10xM6x10 Button Head - Chrome 


1x400x400 Heated Bed Kit 

1xSilicone Pad for Heated Bed – not sold separately, comes in 400mm heated bed kit.

1x400x400 Boro Glass - Comes with 400mm heated bed kit. 

6xM4 Bed Leveling Kit – not sold separately, comes in 400mm heated bed kit.

1xThermistor – attached to silicon heat pad for the 400mm heated bed.  

1x12V PSU w/ Cord

1xRamps 1.4 works with Mega2560 or the Panucatt Re-ARM

4xKit comes with DRV8825’s but you may select others.  

1xZyltech Mega 2560

2xOptical Endstop Switches

1xBrown USB Cable 

1x18mm Proximity Sensor

1xAC Rocker Switch 


1xExtruder Kit + Bowden Kit

5x4-Pin Euroblock Connector / Pair 

1x12V Radial Fan

1xLCD 12864

1xSolid State Relay 

Drive System Kit: 

2xT8x8 Lead Screw - 570MM

Other Lead Screws Available: ½-10 and Left Handed

2xT8x8 Small Flange AB Nut

2x5x8 Flex Couplers

5xNema 17 Stepper Motor 1.7 A, 0.59 Nm, 84 ozin

2x8mm Smooth Rod - 550mm

2x8mm Smooth Rod - 510mm

4x12mm Smooth Rod - 600mm

10mm Smooth Rods are also available.

4xLM8UU Bearing - Short

2xLM8LUU Bearing - Long

8xLM12UU Bearing

2x20T - 6x5 Pulley

2xSmooth 6x3 Idlers 

6x20T - 6x3 Idlers 

16ft.Fiber Glass Timing Belt

Steel Reinforced Belts are also available

25xM3 washer








25M3 Nut

25M3 Lock Nut

Or you can purchase the M3 assortment here: M3 Fastener Assortment 

Please note, the assortment will not include the M3x35

43mm Dowel Pins 

35M3 - 5x5 - Knurled Inserts (hallow) 




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