5 Last Minute Father's Day 2021 Gifts You Can 3D Print!

5 Last Minute Father's Day 2021 Gifts You Can 3D Print!

Posted by Scott Badeaux on Jun 16th 2021

It's that time of year to show some love to our dads on Father's Day.

Once again, we at ZYLtech have created and curated 5 gifts you can 3D print yourself to say thank you to the father figures in your life.

1.  Father's Day Sculpture by MakePrintable available on here on Thingiverse.

"We stand on the shoulders of giants...we see more and farther than our predecessors, not because we have keener vision or greater height, but because we are lifted up and borne aloft on their gigantic stature." - Bernard of Chartres.

Remind dad that you are who you are because of the love and care he's shown you.

Color Recommendations:

2.  Sir Nigel Squintsmore Glasses Holder by Scott Badeaux for ZYLtech available here on Thingiverse.

Is your dad always losing his glasses?  Sir Nigel will make sure he knows where they are at all times.  Easy and quick to print with no supports necessary! 

Color Recommendations:

3.  Pegstr Pegboard Tool Holders by MGX available here on Thingiverse.

MGX's Pegstr designs come in handy for a variety of tools.  These are easy and fast to print, so it's not too late give Dad the gift of organization!

Color Recommendations:

4.  #1 Dad Drink Caddy by Scott Badeaux at ZYLtech available here on Thingiverse.

Dad deserves a drink, don't you think?  This easy to print drink caddy can carry up to 6 bottles of his favorite beverage.  Drink up, Dad!

Color Recommendations:

5. Bottle Opener and Cap Gun by 3Deddy available here on Thingiverse

Why not give Dad something fun to go along with that Drink Caddy???  Print another and y'all can compete to see who's the fastest bottle cap shooter in the West.

Color Recommendations:

ZYLtech wants to wish all the father figures out there a very happy Father's Day!  Know that we appreciate each and everyone one of you who have stepped up and guided us through the years.

- The ZYLtech Family

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