ZYLtech's Full DIY Hypercube Evolution 300x300x400 3D Printer Kit

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ZYLtech's Full DIY Hypercube Evolution 300x300x400 3D Printer Kit  

Full, un-assembled HyperCube Evolution 3D Printer - 300mm x 300mm x 400mm build volume with dual Z. (Note: printed parts are not included.)

Please allow 3-7 business days to process your order (plus shipping time). You will receive an email notifying you once your order has been processed.

Visit the ZYLtech HyperCube Users group on Facebook for help and to see what other ZYLtech HyperCube users are up to!


Please note - though there is a ton of support in the 3d printing community for the HyperCube and DIY 3d printers in general, we do not suggest the ZYLtech HyperCube as a first printer. We strongly recommend that only experienced 3d printing hobbyists and professionals consider purchasing any of the ZYLtech HyperCube kits. Please also note that we are unable to provide anything more than basic support, and that will primarily be for the purpose of directing you to the plethora of free resources in the DIY 3d printing community, many of which are linked above


Assembly required. Experienced users ONLY


Bill of Materials included in the kit: 

Frame Kit:  
2 170mm (Premium Bed)
2 415mm
6 410mm
4 420mm
4 650mm
Brackets, screws and nuts  
24 3030 90 degree angle bracket
4 2020 - 90 degree angle brac
4 2020 L - Type Bracket
8 3030 Inner Bracket
150 M5x10 Button Head - Black
25 M5x8 Button Head - Black
25 M5 Hammer Nut - 2020
150 M5 Hammer Nut - 3030

1 300x300 Heated Bed
1 300x300 Boro Glass (PEI Inst.)
6 M4 Bed Leveling Kit (Prem.)
1 Thermistor (Installed)
1 12V PSU w/ cord
1 Ramps 1.4
4 DRV8825
1 Zyltech Mega 2560
2 Optical Endstop Switches
1 Brown USB Cable
1 18mm Proximity Sensor
1 AC Rocker Switch
5M 18G Wire
1 Extruder Kit + Bowden Kit
2M 12G Silicone Wire (Installed)
5 Sm 4 Pin Wire Termials
1 12V Radial Fan
1 External Mosfet
1 LCD 12864
Drive System Kit:  
2 T8x8 Lead Screw - 470MM
2 T8x8 Small Flange AB Nut
2 5x8 Flex Couplers
5 Nema 17 - 4800
2 8mm Smooth Rod - 450mm
2 8mm Smooth Rod - 410mm
4 12mm Smooth Rod - 500mm
4 LM8UU Bearing - Short
2 LM8LUU Bearing - Long
8 LM12UU Bearing
2 20T - 6x5 Pulley
2 Smooth 6x5 Idlers
6 20T - 6x5 Idlers
16ft. Fiber Glass Timing Belt
25 M3 washer
25 M3x8
25 M3x10
25 M3x12
25 M3x16
25 M3x20
25 M3x30
25 M3x35
25 M3 Nut
25 M3 Nyloc Nut
10 3mm Dowel Pins
M3 - 5x5 - Knurled Inserts (hollow)

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