Zyltech MGN12 H-TYPE - Linear Rail with Single or Double Carriage Block

$24.95 - $71.95
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 Genuine ZYLtech MGN12 linear and MGN12H long carriage block are both real grade C with the following details:


  • Precision grade C grounded and polished
  • Interchangeable bearing blocks/slider carriage for versatile configuration
  • Dimensional tolerance of height H and width N: +/- 40microns
  • Maximum travel distance error: +/- 17 microns per 300mm and +/- 23 per 1000mm


MGN12 rail ⌀3.5mm mounting hole spacing is 25mm

MGN12H long carriage block size 27x45mm, M3 mounting hole spacing 20x20mm


The listing is for one rail plus one or two carriage blocks . For light duty applications(such as laser engraver or 3D printer) , it's acceptable to use one rail per one axis. It's most common to use two rail and two carriage blocks per rail for one axis.

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    Pretty decent

    Posted by ERIC DUNCAN on Sep 27th 2020

    There is no wiggle, twisting, or lateral flex. Overall, a few solid product. This is my first set of rails and while expensive for me compared to my v-wheels i typically use, I was curious about all the hype around rails. I can see about the stiffness/no flex. So yes, if you have a lot of twisting or flex, than you may need rails. On a Delta printer though, there's hardly ever any twisting or flex - unless you are reaching to the far edges of the platform.

    Their "ZYLtech" branding was a nice touch too. Just wished it wasn't that ugly green color.

    It gets 1 star removed because there wasn't clear to me on how to install them - and the first time putting the carriage on, my balls few everywhere! /phun I was able to recover all of them, and slip them back in - hoping I didn't damage them. It seems to move smoothly so I think it's fine.

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    Good Quality mgn12 Linear Solution

    Posted by James Allen on Aug 21st 2020

    For the price these are good quality linear bearings and rail. Keep them lubricated and they are smooth with little to no binding. The last ones purchased are still working well after hundreds of hours of use.

  • 3
    Well packaged/Shipped, but 3/4 MGN12 Carriages were good

    Posted by Ben Powell on May 28th 2020

    I ordered 2 mgn12 linear rails with two carriages each. They came nicely package all separate and in good shape. I thoroughly cleaned and installed the carriages onto the rails; 3 of them ran very nice and smooth. I noticed one of the 4 carriages was much tighter than the others, and would not roll smoothly without significantly more force (gravity and a nudge wouldn't even get the carriage to fall downward). I removed the balls completely, cleaned, oiled, and replaced and still had the same issue. It seems the carriage or the balls were simply not made to spec and the raceway is slightly too tight or the balls too big. Either way, may be a good idea to order extra to find ones that fit well.

  • 5

    Posted by Keith Davis on Apr 22nd 2020

    I ordered these rails in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and I still received them in less than a week. Everybody scream Hiwin rails. These rails were incredible quality right out of the package. Very smooth and could easily travel the rail under slight gravity. I though I was going to have to rebuild them all to achieve this. Out of the four I ordered, two of them I rebuilt likely from dust or packing grease which is recommended for any rail you buy. Great product and I will definitely buy them again for future 3D printer projects.

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