Zyltech MGN12 TYPE C Linear Rail Carriage Only

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 Genuine ZYLtech MGN12C carriage blocks are real grade C with the following details:


  • Precision grade C grounded and polished
  • Interchangeable bearing blocks/slider carriage for versatile configuration
  • Dimensional tolerance of height H and width N: +/- 40microns
  • Maximum travel distance error: +/- 17 microns per 300mm and +/- 23 per 1000mm

 This carriage is designed for ZYLtech MGN12 rails. We can not guarantee they will fit rails from another manufacturer.

MGN12 rail ⌀3.5mm mounting hole spacing is 25mm

MGN12C carriage block size 27x35mm, M3 mounting hole spacing 20x15mm


The listing is for one carriage block only


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