ZYLtech Acrylic Sheet Laser Cutting Demo

Posted by ZYLtech Engineering, LLC on May 30th 2018

ZYLtech Acrylic Sheet Laser Cutting Demo

  • We first used a 3mm thick acrylic sheet and placed it on our 120-watt CO2 laser. 

  • Next, we started the pre-made computer program that would tell the cutter where to cut and started the cutting process on the acrylic sheet.

  •  After the laser cutter was finished, it was time to bend the acrylic using our bender.


  • Our hot/cold bender allows us to bend acrylic at specific points on the sheet.


  • Now it is time to bend the sheet.


  • This is the bent product and another one done earlier.

  • Now we paint the sheet and we left the masking tape on to only paint over certain areas on the sheet.

  • We first attached the control panel then did the final polishing and cleaning up of the sheet.


This is a close-up of the attached control panel on the back of the acrylic sheet.                         


DOWNLOAD the file here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mOa7Q08XMJBzbwjzr...

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