Aluminum Extrusion HyperCube Frame Kit - 300mm Cubic Build Volume w/ Dual Z

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Unassembled kit includes aluminum extrusion and hardware. (No electronics included.)Select Aluminum or Black below.(Updated as of 4-12-18)Please allow 3-7 business days to process your order (plus shipping time). You will receive an automated email notifying you once your order has been processed.Visit the ZYLtech HyperCube Users group on Facebook for help and to see what other ZYLtech HyperCube users are up to!Additional helpful links and files (including the 3d printed parts needed to assemble the ZYLtechHC) can be found on the ZYLtech HyperCube Product and Information page

Unassembled Aluminum Extrusion HyperCube Frame Kit (Aluminum or Black)
300mm Cubic Build Volume with Dual Z

Please note - though there is a ton of support in the 3d printing community for the HyperCube and DIY 3d printers in general, we do not suggest the ZYLtech HyperCube as a first printer. We strongly recommend that only experienced 3d printing hobbyists and professionals consider purchasing any of the ZYLtech HyperCube kits. Please also note that we are unable to provide anything more than basic support, and that will primarily be for the purpose of directing you to the plethora of free resources in the DIY 3d printing community, many of which are linked above.
2020 Aluminum Extrusion
  • ​6x 440mm (X and Y)
  • 4x 400mm (Y)
  • 4x 600mm (Z)
  • 2x 170mm (Premium Bed)
  • 2x 410mm (Bed)
  • 2x 235mm (Bed)
  • 1x 430mm (Dual Z Bed)
  • 150x M5 hammer nuts
  • 150x button head M5x8
  • 48x 90 degree bracket

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